MESH Technology

MESH Technology

There are changes coming that will improve our wireless signal strength and some are already here. Most of us already have a Wi-Fi system of some sort at work and now in our homes.  Usually we have a basic Wi-Fi router(brand does not matter) and that suffices for most users. Some of us run into issues with coverage. Wi-Fi works in one area of the house, but not other areas. In those cases we try to get a booster or extender to help. Sometimes that works and sometimes it does not work well.  And that is assuming the user can setup and configure things correctly.

Now to the rescue is a new technology called MESH.  With a MESH system you can literally blanket your whole household.

That would mean every room and every corner in each room on a 2 level house would get covered with a decent Wi-Fi signal. Just imagine, no more standing in a corner just to get a weak signal!

MESH systems are easier to setup and once they are, they rarely need to be restarted or unplugged to reset them. They work at the fastest 802.11AC standards and get the full throughput for consistent speed. There are several different brands of MESH systems sold with the more robust options from Amplifi to a more basic version by Plume. And they are not only for Windows-works with all OS systems.

Look to Systems Plus to bring MESH technology to the Upper Valley soon!