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Authorized service. Trained and certified.

Customers want their computers to work and our service team is here to listen in order to understand your problems exactly as you see them. Trained and certified by our manufacturer partners, we dedicate ourselves to finding and implementing the solution that works best for you. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the result.

Warranty Repair

Systems Plus is the premier warranty repair service center for Apple, Lenovo and HP products. As an Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider, we are able to handle all covered repairs on your Mac and iPad under the Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan. Both the Apple Limited Warranty and AppleCare Protection Plan cover hardware issues. Parts and labor costs associated with the eligible repair are also covered. We are also premium rated for service by HP and Lenovo. Most parts come in overnight for a quick turn-around on your repairs. Across our entire customer base, we keep more than 7,000 machines up and running all the time.

Out Of Warranty Repair

Even if your computer is no longer in warranty or needs an upgrade, System Plus technicians are equipped to diagnose and service your computers. You’ll receive a cost estimate for any parts or services that are needed beyond the original diagnosis and additional work will only occur upon your approval.


A service technician will perform a series of scans and tests to assess why your computer is not working properly. This procedure will include physical inspection of the hardware, verifying the integrity of the hard drive(s), system memory, and scanning for malware threats and viruses. These tests may take several hours to complete, depending on the size of your hard drive and system memory. On occasion, some problems may be resolved during the troubleshooting process. The results of the diagnostic will provide you with sufficient information for making a decision on how to proceed, including an itemized list for parts and labor costs for any repairs needed. Repair work that requires additional charges beyond the initial diagnostic fee will only be performed after your approval.

New Computer Set Up

A service technician will power on your new machine, register and personalize your computer by adding passwords, accounts, and performing updates to the system and included software. We install and update the following software packages: Windows – Java, Adobe Reader, Flash, Air, Shockwave, Skype and Silverlight. Mac – Java, Skype, Flash and Silverlight.

Software Repairs

Correcting software problems is not covered under a computer warranty. Our standard labor rate will apply. Some issues relating to the Mac OS or included Apple software may be covered under AppleCare and are best resolved by calling AppleCare directly at 1-800-692-7753. Third-party software issues can sometimes be corrected by checking the manufacturer’s website for software updates and support.

Data Transfer

This service is commonly performed when your computer files, photos, music and other important documents need to be moved from a source location to a target location. Typically this occurs when data is recovered from a failing hard drive and moved to an external hard drive or other media (e.g., thumb drive or another computer).

Data Recovery

Everyone should be backing up their operating system, applications and data but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. That’s o.k., unless your hard drive fails. Our highly trained technicians can help you recover photos, music, videos, and files. To prevent future data loss, they’ll direct you to backup systems that are effective, easy to use and affordable. Systems Plus is pleased to offer now a more advanced method of data recovery in house which can save customers hundreds of dollars.

Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of transferring your data between computer systems and attempting to preserve preferences, settings and data locations (e.g. music to music folders, pictures to pictures folders). This service is best performed in conjunction with a new computer set up, particularly if the intent is to seamlessly* move from an older computer to a new computer. The technician will verify the proper transfer of data, and perform tests to confirm application compatibility with the newer computer’s operating system and notify you of any issues. Systems running Windows will need to have applications reinstalled; systems running Mac OSX typically will have applications already in place on the destination machine. This process does not include data conversion.

Data Conversion

A technician will attempt to convert your data files from a specific file format to another file format (e.g. Office 2003 to Office 2010, Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2013, Filemaker to Access, etc.). This service is billed at the standard labor rate. There are several ways in which data can be converted within the computer environment; our technicians will choose the appropriate solution for your conversion. While many times it may be a seamless process, there are times when special conversion programs are needed or the process may be complex, involving a series of intermediary stages and/or more difficult “importing and exporting” procedures. In a small percentage of complex data conversion scenarios the data may not be converted successfully or it may not be technologically possible. The technician will notify you of any issues if this occurs.

Getting Help

Need help? Call the Systems Plus service department or stop into our Lebanon store. You can explain your computer problem and we’ll guide you through the service process. If you do visit our store, our service coordinators will help you sign in your equipment and give you an estimate of service costs and scheduling.

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