Data Recovery

Lost Data? There is hope.

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Plus Recover is Systems Plus’ advanced technique to retrieve data you really need, and is a service provided here onsite so your drive may not have to be sent out to an expensive data recovery company.

Plus Recover from Systems Plus

Our technicians have advanced training in data recovery and have given countless hopeless customers their memories back. Plus Recover is Systems Plus’ advanced techniques to retrieve data you really need and is a service provided here onsite at Systems Plus so that no drive has to be sent out to specialized expensive data recovery companies.

Plus Recover I

In some cases the drive is fine, but the file system is starting to get a little scrambled. At first your system may just run slower, and it takes longer to boot or open an application. The worse it gets, the longer it takes for things to happen, until one day it just refuses to boot at all. We’ll examine your drive and determine if it just needs a little bit of housecleaning. Or perhaps your drive is starting to fail – if we catch it quickly enough (with our PlusCare program), we can often copy the data to another drive without major problems. But, there are cases where a simple data transfer just won’t work. The drive is developing bad spots and won’t give up the goods. In this case, we move on to…


Plus Recover II

We’ve invested in the latest specialized data recovery system that does one thing and does it well – recovers data from failing hard drives. This system bypasses software and even the drive’s own controller to access the data directly. It copies the data to another drive, using multiple passes to make sure it grabs all data possible. As long as the drive motor spins we can attempt data recovery, but in the cases where the drive is plain stone dead, we have…


Plus Recover III

We’ve partnered with DriveSavers, the industry’s leading data recovery specialists. If your drive is at the point where mechanical failure prevents us from pulling your data, DriveSavers has facilities that allow them to take the drive apart and replace parts necessary to get the drive working again. They are very good at what they do, but that success rate comes at a bit of a higher price. Free quotes are available, and you’re under no obligation to move forward with their recovery if it’s out of your range.

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